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What Role Did Merchants From Venice, Italy, Play In The Decline Of The Byzantine Empire?

What started the decline of the Byzantine Empire?

The Byzantine Empire fell in 1453. The immediate cause of its fall was pressure by the Ottoman Turks. Ironically enough, the major cause of the decline of the Byzantine Empire (what made it weak enough to fall to the Ottomans) was the Crusades. The Crusades were supposed to be Christian wars against Muslims.

How did trade with the Venetians cause problems for the Byzantine Empire?

Trade with the Venetians contributed to the fall of the Byzantine Empire in ways both direct and indirect. Because Venice was able to negotiate such favorable terms in their trade contracts with Constantinople, there arose bitter anti-Venice sentiment in the Eastern Empire.

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What role did trade play in the Byzantine Empire?

Trade and commerce were essential components of the success and expansion of the Byzantine Empire. Trade was carried out by ship over vast distances, although for safety, most sailing vessels were restricted to the better weather conditions between April and October.

How did the Avars contribute to the weakening of the Byzantine Empire?

How did the Avars contribute to the weakening of the Byzantine Empire? The Avars teamed with the Powerful to overthrow Zoe and Theodora. The Avars formed a powerful kingdom along the Danube River and attacked from this position. The Avars turned against the Byzantines after initially helping them fight the Slavs.

What race were the Byzantines?

Most of the Byzantines were of Greek origin. However, there were large minorities which included Illyrians, Armenians, Cappadocians (Syrians? or Hittites?), Syrians, Jews, Italians, and a sprinkling of Arabs, Persians, and Georgians. The overwhelming majority were either Greek or Middle Eastern.

Why did Byzantium survive for so long?

Long answer: Because it had a healthy foundation on economy, societal order, religion, army and administration. The Byzantine Empire got all the vices of the Roman Empire corrected – and the Byzantine Empire was everything what the Roman Empire should have been.

Why did the Venetians not help Constantinople?

By the time Venetians decided to help, it was too late. Because the Pope told them not to help while promising Constantinople that it will send re-inforcements. Constantinople was still the Head of the Roman Empire and the Pope wanted Autonomy over the Roman Empire.

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Who did the Venetians trade with?

During the 1200s, trade between Egypt, Syria, Southeast Asia, Iran and China was present, especially with their trade of spices, grain, wine, and salt. The spice trade with the east was the reason for Venice’s expansion of their high quality textile manufacturing.

How did Venice help the Byzantine Empire?

The Byzantine Empire made a large number of trade concessions to the Republic of Venice in exchange for military support against the Normans who were invading and conquering various Byzantine holdings in and outside the Empire. The treaty also granted various honors to the Doge of Venice, along with an income.

What made the Byzantine Empire so rich and successful?

What made the Byzantine Empire rich and successful for so long, and why did it finally crumble? Constantinople sat in the middle of a trade route,sea and land. Its wealth came from trade and its strong military. Constantinople remained secure and prosperous while cities in western Roman empire crumbles.

Why did Constantinople became a center of trade?

First settled in the seventh century B.C., Constantinople developed into a thriving port thanks to its prime geographic location between Europe and Asia and its natural harbor. In 330 A.D., it became the site of Roman Emperor Constantine’s “New Rome,” a Christian city of immense wealth and magnificent architecture.

How were slaves treated in the Byzantine Empire?

Slavery was common in the early Roman Empire and Classical Greece. It was legal in the Byzantine Empire but became rare after the first half of 7th century. Slavery was also seen as “an evil contrary to nature, created by man’s selfishness”, although it remained legal.

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What was the primary religion under the Ottoman Empire?

Islam was the official religion of the Ottoman Empire. The highest position in Islam, caliphate, was claimed by the sultan, after the defeat of the Mamluks which was established as Ottoman Caliphate. The Sultan was to be a devout Muslim and was given the literal authority of the Caliph.

What is the difference between the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire?

The main difference between the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire concerned the official religions they practiced. Whereas the Roman Empire was officially pagan up for most of its existence, the Byzantine Empire was Christian.

How did most citizens of the Byzantine Empire relate to the Roman Empire?

How did most citizens of the Byzantine Empire relate to the Roman Empire? (5 points) They felt that Roman history was irrelevant to them. They created art that was identical to the work of the Roman Empire. They proudly rejected Roman traditions and values. They saw themselves as part of the Roman Empire.

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