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Readers ask: Venice Beach Surf Report?

Can you surf in Venice Beach?

Enjoy! BREAKWATER is the main surf spot in Venice. You can choose to surf the north side of the Pier which offers a hollow left or the south side which holds a long and fun right and also plenty of smaller beach break peaks all the way to the marina. MALIBU is the most iconic point break in California.

How big are the waves at Venice Beach?

Current Surf Report for Venice Beach Current Conditions

High 4:36AM 4.07ft
Low 12:49PM 0.36ft
High 8:10PM 3.28ft

What does Lola mean on surf report?

LOLA is Surfline’s global swell model that is continuously updated and corrected with real-time information. Due to all of the information continuously collected by the model, LOLA forecasts can change daily so we always recommend that you use the human Surfline forecast as the final word for upcoming swell events.

How big are the waves in Santa Monica?

Santa Monica, CA Surf Report & Local Weather

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1:08 AM LOW 1.7 ft
7:08 AM HIGH 5.6 ft
2:05 PM LOW -1 ft
8:29 PM HIGH 4.3 ft

How cold is the water at Venice Beach?

In the winter months, the water averages around 66-72°, and experts recommend swimmers who will be in the water for a prolonged time wear a wet suit, as the wind can be quite chilly. In the summer, water temperatures rise to 84-88°, making Venice Beach a very popular destination for water sports and other activities.

What is Venice Beach known for?

Venice Beach is one of many great L.A. beaches, and the only one where the lively Venice Beach boardwalk upstages the Pacific Ocean. The acclaimed Venice Breakwater is a favorite local surf spot, built by Abbot Kinney in 1905 to protect his amusement pier.

How big are the waves at the Wedge?

The Wedge is the intersection of the beach and of the man-made jetty that forms the breakwater on the western side of Newport harbor entrance. When a south or south/southwest swell is running of the right size and direction, the Wedge can produce huge waves up to 30 feet (9.1 m) high.

Is it better to surf during high or low tide?

The best tide for surfing in most cases is low, to an incoming medium tide. Keep in mind lowtide on shallow surf breaks jack the waves up higher, leaving less room between the water’s surface and ocean bottom.

What does Lola stand for?


Acronym Definition
LOLA Lots Of Love (and) Affection
LOLA Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (US NASA)
LOLA Latino Organization for Liver Awareness
LOLA Laughing Out Loud Again
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What causes surf waves?

Waves are most commonly caused by wind. Wind-driven waves, or surface waves, are created by the friction between wind and surface water. As wind blows across the surface of the ocean or a lake, the continual disturbance creates a wave crest. The gravitational pull of the sun and moon on the earth also causes waves.

Is Santa Monica good for surfing?

It boasts world-class beaches and surf breaks and is home to some of the best surfing in the world. In Los Angeles County, which has 75 miles of coastline for your surfing pleasure, Santa Monica is a world-renowned surfing spot.

What is the water temperature in Santa Monica?

(Los Angeles County, USA) Today’s Santa Monica Pier sea temperature is 56 °F.

How do you read a surf report?

How to Read a Surf Report

  1. The surf report will tell you the wave height, swell period, wind direction and tide.
  2. The swell direction is the angle of which a wave is approaching the shoreline from.
  3. Offshore winds are ideal for surfing because the groom the waves surface and can result in a barreling wave.
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