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Quick Answer: Surfboard Rental Venice Beach?

How much does renting a surfboard cost?

There are also some places that rent boards on a weekly basis. The prices vary with the seasons and the location of the surf breaks. However, you should pay between $10 and 20$ for an hour or two, around $20 and $30 for four hours (half a day), and from $30 to $50 for a full day.

Can you rent surfboards in California?


Surfboard Rentals $25 for two hours or daily $50, weekly $99. Wetsuit $5 for two hours or daily $15 or $35 weekly. Boogie Board Rentals $10 all day.

Is Venice Beach good for surfing?

Venice Beach

The surfing at Venice is good for all levels. This is the place to surf if you want to be seen. It’s also the place to surf if you’re a tourist and want to get your feet wet.

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Where can I surf in Venice Beach?


  • BREAKWATER is the main surf spot in Venice.
  • THE PIER at the end of Washington Blvd. is the other main spot in Venice.
  • EL PORTO is a Los Angeles winter swell magnet.
  • THE CANALS are probably my favorite place in Venice.

Which surfboard is best for beginners?

Foam surfboards are a great choice for beginners! For beginner surfers, an 8 to 9-foot foam longboard surfboard is one of the best options as an entry-level surfboard for a number of reasons. Foam surfboards are stable, user-friendly, and easy to paddle which makes catching waves and standing up a lot easier.

How much does it cost to rent a surfboard in Hawaii?

+ Multi-Day Pricing

24-Hours $25 9 Days $165
5 Days $105 13 Days $199
6 Days $115 2 Weeks $200
1 Week $125 3 Weeks $262
8 Days $145 1 Month $300

Where can I rent a surfboard in Malibu?

Best Surfboard Rentals in Malibu, CA

  • Malibu Surf Shack. 4.5 mi. 191 reviews.
  • Radfish Malibu. 4.5 mi. 66 reviews.
  • Zuma Jay. 4.7 mi. 36 reviews.
  • Malibu Surf Coach. 3.4 mi. 62 reviews.
  • Drill Surf and Skate. 5.1 mi. 57 reviews.
  • Malibu Coastal Adventures. 4.2 mi. 61 reviews.
  • Go Surf LA. 15.2 mi. 146 reviews.
  • Kennedy Surfboards. 11.9 mi. 114 reviews.

How much is it to rent a surfboard in San Diego?

San Diego Surfing Equipment Rental Rates

1 hr. 24 hrs.
Foam Surfboard $8 $30
Epoxy Surfboard $15 $40
Fiberglass Surfboard $15 $40
SUP $15 $50

Where can I rent a surfboard in San Diego?

Best Surf Board Rentals in San Diego, CA

  • San Diego Surf Rental. 5.8 mi. 4 reviews.
  • Cheap Rentals. 5.7 mi. 164 reviews.
  • Ray’s Rentals – Pacific Beach. 5.9 mi. 95 reviews.
  • San Diego Surfboard Rental. 15.6 mi. 27 reviews.
  • San Diego Surf School. 5.8 mi. 222 reviews.
  • The Shed OB. 6.3 mi. 6 reviews.
  • Ride Solana Beach. 15.4 mi. 4 reviews.
  • Everyday California. 7.2 mi. 2509 reviews.
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Is Venice beach safe to swim in?

Swimming Dangers

The ocean water at the Venice Beach area is polluted. Swimmers in polluted water run the risk of getting infections, which commonly show up as an ear infection if ocean water gets into the ear canals.

Where is the safest place to surf?

The 10 Best Beginner Surf Spots

  • Waikiki, Hawaii.
  • San Onofre, California.
  • County Line, California.
  • Morro Bay, California.
  • La Jolla Shores, California.
  • Cocoa Beach, Florida.
  • Cowell’s, California.
  • 90th Street, Rockaways, New York.

Why is Venice Beach so popular?

It is a success because of the crowds of walkers it attracts and its stores. Venice has a totally different scene (a throwback to the 60’s) with hucksters, tattoo parlors, Muscle Beach, homeless, a bike path, lots of local color (CSI LA films here a lot) and it is adjacent to the sand.

How cold is the water at Venice Beach?

In the winter months, the water averages around 66-72°, and experts recommend swimmers who will be in the water for a prolonged time wear a wet suit, as the wind can be quite chilly. In the summer, water temperatures rise to 84-88°, making Venice Beach a very popular destination for water sports and other activities.

Can you surf at Santa Monica Beach?

Santa Monica State Beach, also called Samo 20, is a centrally located surf spot where frequent waves hit, and most of the surf here comes from groundswells. This beach is popular for beginners at any time of the year.

How big are the waves at Venice Beach?

Current Surf Report for Venice Beach Current Conditions

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High 4:36AM 4.07ft
Low 12:49PM 0.36ft
High 8:10PM 3.28ft
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