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Quick Answer: Moon Juice Venice?

What is Moon juice drink?

To help you stick with your New Year’s resolution, Moon Juice, located in Venice, West Hollywood, and Silver Lake, serves raw, organic, cold-pressed juices that are nutrient dense and (bonus!) don’t taste like a blend of mulch and yard clippings.

Who Owns Moon Juice?

Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder and owner of Moon Juice — the Los Angeles cult destination of dusts, powders, tonics, snacks, superherbs, and supermushrooms — is too busy to pretend she’s balanced, too wild-hearted to ever have a standard routine.

What does Moon juice do?

A brief overview for those who don’t succumb to social media beauty trends (teach me your ways)—Moon Dusts, from the health food company Moon Juice, are a blend of superherbs touted to improve everything from brain function, to energy levels, to skin quality, to your sex life.

How much is Moon Juice?

Moon Juice Menu

Green Shake $9.00 – $15.00 green juice, frozen organic bananas, unpasteurized almonds
Yam Julius $12.00 – $8.00 spiced yam juice, almond milk, tocos, lucuma

Does Moon Juice expire?

When do Moon Dusts expire? Dusts have a shelf-life of about 2 years.

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Does Moon Juice Super Hair work?

5.0 out of 5 stars It works! I have now replaced my regular vitamin with this! Helps hair grow but has better ingredients than most multi vitamins.

How dangerous is moon dust?

The harmful properties of lunar dust are not well known. This is because lunar dust is more chemically reactive and has larger surface areas composed of sharper jagged edges than Earth dust. If the chemical reactive particles are deposited in the lungs, they may cause respiratory disease.

Where is Moon Juice made?

Our shops are like a coffee bar, candy store, and apothecary all in one. Our juices, milks, tonics, and treats are handmade daily and work to synergistically heal and nourish. The first shop opened almost a decade ago in Venice, California. Now we have three.

How much does moon dust cost?

The US space agency NASA awarded contracts to four companies on Thursday to collect lunar samples for $1 to $15,000, rock-bottom prices that are intended to set a precedent for future exploitation of space resources by the private sector.

What does Moon Dust taste like?

5. Astronauts have tasted it. In the interests of science (as well as pure human curiosity), Apollo astronauts have touched, smelled and even tasted Moon dust. Apparently, it’s as fine as flour but abrasive, plus it both smells and tastes like gunpowder.

How do you use moon juice dusts?

Blend 1 tsp per serving. Our berry-heavy blend Beauty Dust can clump or harden if not used regularly. This does not affect the potency. If you are a casual Duster, Beauty Dust is also available in a boxed set of 12 single serving sachets.

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What is moon dust called?

Regolith (/ˈrɛɡəlɪθ/) is a blanket of unconsolidated, loose, heterogeneous superficial deposits covering solid rock. It includes dust, broken rocks, and other related materials and is present on Earth, the Moon, Mars, some asteroids, and other terrestrial planets and moons.

Is Moon juice gluten free?

GlutenFree, Raw & Activated Mulberry Overnight Oats – Moon Juice. NEW! SuperPower. Radical Immune Support.

How do you make moon dust?

The DIY Moon dust is similar to Moon Sand or Kinetic Sand but way cheaper and so easy to make.

DIY Moon Dust STEM

  1. 8 cups of all-purpose flour.
  2. 1 cup of oil (baby oil or canola oil for edible sand)
  3. Glitter (optional)
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