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Quick Answer: Merchant Of Venice Act 2?

What happens in Act 2 of The Merchant of Venice?

Summary: Act II, scene ii

Launcelot Gobbo, a servant of Shylock’s, struggles to decide whether or not he should run away from his master. Just when Launcelot determines to run away, his father, Old Gobbo, enters. The old man is blind, and he asks how to get to Shylock’s house, where he hopes to find young Launcelot.

What is the dramatic importance of Scene II?

What is the dramatic importance of scene 2? Bassanio gets Portia and she couldn’t be happier. Gratiano revealing he loves Nerissa and vice versa – they will marry.

What happens in Act 3 of The Merchant of Venice?

Portia asks what amount of money Antonio owes to Shylock, and then orders Bassanio to return to Venice and offer Shylock six thousand ducats to destroy the contract. She informs Bassanio and Graziano that she and Nerissa will live like widows in their absence.

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Why does Jessica elope with Lorenzo?

The reason why the two lovers make such complicated arrangements to elope is because Jessica’s father, Shylock, is a Jew who hates Christians. A relationship, never mind a marriage, between his daughter and Lorenzo, a Christian, would be akin to a betrayal.

What is the most important scene in The Merchant of Venice?

1. Antonio offers to act as Bassanio’s guarantor (Act 1, Scene 1) Antonio, a prosperous Venetian merchant, is unable to explain his sadness to his friends, who suggest he must have business or love worries. When Bassanio arrives with Lorenzo and Gratiano, he asks his close friend Antonio to lend him some more money.

Why did Launcelot leave Shylock?

Launcelot left the service of Shylock because Shylock did not give sufficient food to him. According to Launcelot, If he would stay with the Jew any longer he himself would become a Jew. It is only because of cruel nature of Shylock that he left his service and joined Bassanio.

What is the purpose of Act 2 Scene 2 in Macbeth?

In Act II, Scene 2 of “Macbeth,” Shakespeare takes two decisive and what appear to be strong characters and reduces them both to nervous and guilt-ridden murderers. Lady Macbeth also becomes the dominant figure in the relationship with her husband by taking charge of the murder weapon and becoming the practical one.

What does Portia say about mercy?

Portia says that mercy is like the rain from heaven. It is so gentle and nice. She also mentions that mercy cannot be forced. She says that “Mercy is twice blessed”.

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Under what terms does gratiano agree?

Under what terms does Gratiano agree? Gratiano needs to stay on his best behavior and to be less wild. He agrees he will be more serious but to give him 24 hours to get the partying out of him.

What bad news does salerio?

What bad news did Salerio bring? Salerio said that one of Antonio’s ships had been wrecked in the channel. How did Shylock react to his daughter’s departure? Shylock is very upset that Jessica ran away.

Why does Shylock refuse to have mercy?

Shylock does not show any mercy as he feels that he has done nothing wrong and therefore need not fear judgement. Shylock reasons that he should be allowed to do what he wishes with the pound of flesh as he had bought it, in the same way slaves are under the power of their slave-owners.

What good news does Shylock get?

What is it? The good news (for Shylock) is that Antonio has lost a ship near North Africa and will likely go bankrupt. The bad news is that Jessica spent 80 ducats and traded a ring (which was a present from Leah to him before they were married) for a monkey.

Does Lorenzo really love Jessica?

In the Merchant of Venice, Lorenzo is fully in love with Jessica and not for just her money. He recites,”Beshrow me but I lover heartily; For she is wise, if I can judge her; And fair she is, if that mine eyes be true; And true she is, as she hath proved herself.

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Why is Jessica ashamed Shylock’s daughter?

Jessica speaks to the audience after saying goodbye to Launcelot as she plans her escape. She reveals how she feels ashamed to be her father’s daughter because of his behavior. She also declares her love for Lorenzo and her desire to leave home and become a Christian to marry him.

Which casket does Prince of Arragon choose?

Arragon thus chooses the silver casket, which bears the inscription: “who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves.” He is very confident when he makes his choice and says, “I will assume desert,” meaning that he will take what he deserves.

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