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Question: Western Dental Western And Venice?

Is Western Dental bad?

Never go to Western Dental, they are a terrible company that does shoddy work and tries to shake you down for money. Today I was not seen for the second time because the front desk staff do not have the knowledge or ability to explain the forms they want you to sign. They have a waiver form for jury trial.

How many locations does Western Dental have?

Nearly 320 Locations

Western Dental and its affiliates operate more than 300 dental offices in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Alabama.

What type of insurance does Western Dental accept?

We Love Medi-Cal.

If you’re enrolled in Medi-Cal you already have dental benefits, and we would love to see you at any of our California offices. All you have to do is make an appointment and show us your Medi-Cal card when you visit.

How much do braces cost Western Dental?

Braces $99 per month*

Retail Price of standard, two-year treatment in California with metal braces is $3,995 (this pricing does not apply to clear aligners or gold and clear brackets). Depending on credit approval, a down payment of $100 of the treatment plan may be required.

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Does Western Dental do Invisalign?

Often referred to as “Invisalign”, which was the first aligner brand on the market, orthodontic aligners are a removable, virtually invisible solution to straighter teeth. ClearArc® aligners are priced 40% less than other leading brands and are available exclusively at Western Dental by trained orthodontists.

Does Western Dental put you to sleep?

For complex procedures like extracting wisdom teeth EVERYONE is completely sedated.

Does Western Dental accept medical?

We accept Medi-Cal, Medicaid and most insurance plans.

Does Western Dental pull teeth?

We’ll do everything we can to save each and every tooth we see, including surgery to repair gums, root canals, crowns and more. But sometimes, extracting the tooth is the best choice.

Does Western Dental do root canals?

Meet the Endodontists!

Endodontists specialize in treating problems inside your teeth. At Western Dental, if you need a root canal, a board-certified Endodontist can diagnose your tooth and perform the procedure.

How much do traditional braces cost?

The cost range for braces can vary greatly for each type:

Metal braces (traditional braces): $3,000 – 7,000. Ceramic braces: $4,000 – 8,000. Lingual braces: $8,000 – 10,000. Invisalign: $4,000 – 7,400.

Will medical pay for dental implants?

One option is to consider medical insurance as a reimbursement option. Many procedures performed in the dental office, including implants, may qualify for medical insurance. Medical insurers may reimburse for implants if oral disease complicates or causes other medical problems.

Does Medicare cover dental implants?

Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, does not cover dental implants (nor does it cover routine dental care). Some Medicare Advantage plans may include routine dental services.

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What is the best age for braces?

When’s The Right Time For Braces? Patients with orthodontic problems can benefit from treatment at nearly any age. An ideal time for placement of braces is between 10 and 14 years of age, while the head and mouth are still growing and teeth are more conducive to straightening.

Why is braces so expensive?

The hardware of the braces are not the only materials used during treatment. Various supplies are used at each visit to the orthodontist and equipment must be sterilized after each use. The materials and supplies needed to properly assist patients at each appointment also add up and add to the cost of braces.

How can I straighten my teeth without braces?

“It is possible to straighten your teeth without getting traditional braces,” says Jody. “There’s a product called Invisalign®, which are clear aligners that are removable.” Dr White explains that clear aligners look like very thin, very clear mouthguards. “Those can work very well at straightening your teeth.”

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