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Often asked: Venice Fl Water Temp?

What is the water temperature in Venice Florida today?

Today’s Venice NorthandSouth Jetty sea temperature is 71 °F.

What is the water temperature in Santa Monica today?

Today’s Santa Monica Pier sea temperature is 56 °F.

What is the water temperature at Marco Island?

Water temperature in Marco Island today is 22.8°C / 73°F.

What’s the water temperature in the Gulf right now?

The water temperature right now is at least 63°F and at most 81°F.

How cold is the water in Venice Beach?

In the winter months, the water averages around 66-72°, and experts recommend swimmers who will be in the water for a prolonged time wear a wet suit, as the wind can be quite chilly. In the summer, water temperatures rise to 84-88°, making Venice Beach a very popular destination for water sports and other activities.

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What is the water temperature at Nokomis Beach?

Today water temperature in Nokomis is 70.0°F.

Is Santa Monica beach water warm?

Water temperature in Santa Monica today is 12.8°C / 55°F.

Based on our historical data over a period of ten years, the warmest water in this day in Santa Monica was recorded in 2015 and was 17.2°C / 63°F, and the coldest was recorded in 2011 at 12.7°C / 54.9°F.

How long can you swim in 60 degree water?

60 degree is not that cold. With that temperature I would swim with the neoprene cap and full suit and have no problems with the cold. 60 degree water? Enough to put you in hypothermia in 30 minutes.

What is the water temperature in Malibu?

Today’s Malibu sea temperature is 56 °F.

What is the water temperature in Key West?

The water at Key West is warm enough for swimming all year round. The ocean reaches its warmest point of the year in July and August when the temperature averages 87 degrees Fahrenheit (31 degrees Celsius). The coolest month is January, when the temperature is usually around 69 °F (21 °C).

What is the water temperature in Key Largo?

Today water temperature in Key Largo is 73.1°F.

What is there to do in Marco Island in January?

Below are 15 things to do in and around Marco Island, Florida.

  1. South Marco Island Beach.
  2. Marco Island Historical Museum.
  3. The Marco Island Princess.
  4. Marco Island Seafood & Music Festival.
  5. Marco Island Center for the Arts.
  6. Otter Mound Preserve.
  7. Briggs Nature Center.
  8. Marco Island Brewery.
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What water temperature is too cold to swim in?

70F(21C) Water feels quite cold to most people. Treat any water temperature below 70F (21C) with caution. 40F(4.4C) or lower Water is painfully cold.

What is a comfortable ocean water temperature to swim in?

There’s no real optimal temperature. It’s more of a question of preference. A little cooler than your body temperature (98.6° Fahrenheit) should not be too cold so that you don’t get chilled. 70° to 78° Fahrenheit is the range where most folks feel “comfortableswimming.

Which is warmer Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic?

During the summer months, the Gulf of Mexico will be five or more degrees warmer than the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf may reach 92 degrees or more. In fact, on a July, August or September evening, the Gulf water is warmer than the air.

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