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Lorenzo Merchant Of Venice?

Who is Lorenzo in The Merchant of Venice?

Lorenzo. A friend of Bassanio and Antonio, Lorenzo is in love with Shylock’s daughter, Jessica. He schemes to help Jessica escape from her father’s house, and he eventually elopes with her to Belmont.

Does Lorenzo really love Jessica?

In the Merchant of Venice, Lorenzo is fully in love with Jessica and not for just her money. He recites,”Beshrow me but I lover heartily; For she is wise, if I can judge her; And fair she is, if that mine eyes be true; And true she is, as she hath proved herself.

Why does Jessica elope with Lorenzo?

The reason why the two lovers make such complicated arrangements to elope is because Jessica’s father, Shylock, is a Jew who hates Christians. A relationship, never mind a marriage, between his daughter and Lorenzo, a Christian, would be akin to a betrayal.

What does Portia tell Lorenzo?

Portia lies to Lorenzo by telling him that she has made a secret vow to God to live in prayer and contemplation alone until her husband returns. She also says that she and Nerissa will be staying at a monastery two miles away and nobody is to bother them while they are there.

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Is Shylock a villain or a victim?

Shylock, with Antonio is the major character in the play, at times referred to as a villain and sometimes a victim. The audience would not enjoy Shylock attaining power especially over Bassanio, who is a Christian. The word “bond” is a key word used consistently through the play especially by Shylock.

Why is Jessica ashamed Shylock’s daughter?

Jessica speaks to the audience after saying goodbye to Launcelot as she plans her escape. She reveals how she feels ashamed to be her father’s daughter because of his behavior. She also declares her love for Lorenzo and her desire to leave home and become a Christian to marry him.

Did Bassanio really love Portia?

Bassanio explains that he is in love with Portia and needs a loan to show his wealth and power to her. Even though Antonio has no money to give to Bassanio, he still promises to guarantee any loan Bassanio can find.

Why did Portia hate her father’s will?

Portia is upset that she cannot choose the man she will marry. Portia’s deceased father created a lottery, where potential suitors were given the opportunity to choose from one of three caskets with the hope of winning Portia’s hand in marriage.

Does Shylock love his daughter?

Shylock, at the beginning of the play, very much loves his daughter Jessica. However, Jessica is unhappy with her father’s behavior, as well as with the restrictions that will fall upon her in terms of the men she will be allowed to marry while remaining within her father’s good graces.

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Which casket does Prince of Arragon choose?

Arragon thus chooses the silver casket, which bears the inscription: “who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves.” He is very confident when he makes his choice and says, “I will assume desert,” meaning that he will take what he deserves.

Why does Lorenzo tell Jessica is not ashamed of wearing boys clothes?

Lorenzo’s plan is that Jessica should dress up as a boy and then be his torchbearer during a street festival. In this way, nobody would notice her and her camouflage would make others believe that she is his male assistant.

What do Jessica and Lorenzo think of Portia?

What were Jessica and Lorenzo’s opinion of Portia? Why was their opinion important enough for Shakespeare to show? Jessica appreciates Portia and believes Bassanio is lucky to have her. Shakespeare wanted to share Jessica’s opinion because she was an important character who was once a Jew.

What kind of lies will Portia tell?

She will take one long step like a man instead of two short steps like a woman. What kind of lies will Portia tell? Answer: She will tell skilful lies.

What pretext did Portia leave her house?

Portia was leaving her house under the pretext of spending her days in religious exercises and holy meditation in the company of Nerissa till the return of her husband.

What do Portia and Nerissa lack?

Portia says that their husbands will see them in such a dress that they will think they are equipped with qualities of men which they actually lack. Portia bets that being dressed as a man, she would be the smarter of the two (Portia and Nerissa).

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