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Ferry From Venice To Pula?

How much is ferry from Venice to Pula?

The quickest way to get from Venice to Pula is to ferry which costs 55€ – 70€ and takes 2h 18m.

How long is the ferry from Venice to Pula?

The Venice Pula ferry route connects Italy with Croatia and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. The Venezia Lines service runs up to 4 times per week with a sailing duration of around 3 hours 15 minutes while the Kompas service runs up to 2 times per week with a duration from 4 hours.

How much is the ferry from Venice to Croatia?

One way/return prices from Venice to Croatia (Istra)

Period: 19.04 – 30.06 & 01.09 – 04.10
Route: One Way Return
Port/Price Adults Adults
Porec €72.00 €121.00
Rovinj €72.00 €121.00

Is there a ferry from Split to Pula?

Thanks! Unfortunatelly, there isn`t ferry line that connects Split and Pula. So, there are only two options. One is to take a direct bus from Split to Pula and you have three daily departures (at 05:00 – arrival 14:45, 08:00 – arrival 19:00 and 20:30 – arrival 06:29).

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How far is Venice Italy from Croatia?

The distance between Venice and Croatia is 365 km. The road distance is 374.8 km.

How do I get from Porec to Venice?

The best way to get from Poreč to Venice without a car is to ferry which takes 2h 45m and costs 440 kn – 550 kn.

How do you get from Venice to Split?

There are no direct public transport options from Venice to Split, so the best way is to take a train from Venice to Trieste (journey time approximately 2 hours; many trains per day – again, see timetables at Trenitalia) and then a bus from here to Split.

Is there a ferry from Venice to Dubrovnik?

Unfortunately, there is no direct ferry connection between Venice and Dubrovnik – it used to be one, but it is discontinued years ago. However, there are still several other options of travelling on this route using either planes, ferries, trains or/and buses.

How far is Zagreb from Venice?

The Venice to Zagreb distance is around 177 miles (286 km).

How long is a boat ride from Italy to Croatia?

How long is a boat ride from Italy to Croatia? The fast catamaran boat journey from Venice to Rovinj is the shortest one and takes just above 2 hours. The overnight boat sail from Ancona to Split takes just over 9 hours. Bari to Dubrovnik journey takes up to 10 hours.

Can you drive from Venice to Croatia?

If you are flying in and out of Venice, you should consider hiring a car there. If you are flying into and out of Venice, rent a car there and drive to Croatia. You can drive from Venice to Rovinj in about the same amount of time as the ferry takes.

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Is there a ferry from Dubrovnik to Italy?

The Dubrovnik Bari ferry route connects Croatia with Italy. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Jadrolinija. The crossing operates up to 4 times each week with sailing durations from around 7 hours 30 minutes.

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