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FAQ: Venice Biennale Dates?

Is the Venice Biennale every year?

Despite the name Biennale, which in Italian means biennial, only the Art Biennale and the Architecture Biennale are held every two years. The Venice Film Festival, the Theatre Biennale, the Music Biennale, and the Dance Biennale are held every year.

Is the Venice Biennale open?

The Venice Architecture Biennale will go ahead with a physical opening in May 2021. Somewhat defying expectations, the Venice Architecture Biennale will open as a physical event on May 22nd, 2021, and will run until November 21st.

What is the Biennale?

A biennial is a large international art exhibition held every two years. Haegue Yang, The Grand Balcony 2016. In the art context, biennial (or biennale, as it is sometimes styled) has come to mean a large international exhibition held every two years.

How do you get to the Venice Biennale?

Potential applicants interested in organizing the Venice Biennales are required to submit their proposals electronically through or through Please do not submit a proposal without first discussing your project with Cultural Programs Division at the U.S. Department of State.

How long does the Venice Biennale last?

Average duration 1 hour 45′ / 2 hours.

How are artists chosen for the Venice Biennale?

When it comes to choosing for the Venice Biennale, a special sub-committee is appointed. Their decision is final; they report to the main Committee but it is recognized from the outset that they have been asked to choose, not recommend.

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What does Nirin mean?

Meaning ‘edge’, nirin is a word of Brook’s mother’s Nation, the Wiradjuri people of western New South Wales. NIRIN brings together artists, makers, scientists, academics and thinkers from around the world.

How many Biennales are there?

Since then, the emergence of an apparent biennale model has proliferated, having now been popularized and multiplied around the world, redefining the political-economics and aesthetics of so-called “international art.” Today, more than three hundred biennials exist in diverse (and often unexpected) locations.

What does Benale mean?

enˈnaːle]), Italian for “biennial” or “every other year”, is any event that happens every two years. It is most commonly used within the art world to describe large-scale international contemporary art exhibitions. As such the term was popularised by Venice Biennale, which was first held in 1895.

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