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FAQ: Venice Beach Longboarding?

Where can I longboard in LA?

Venice Beach is perhaps one of the most well-known places to skateboard and longboard. The boardwalk is perfect for cruising on, with miles of coastline and smooth paths with beautiful views of the water. In addition, the beach boardwalk is great for shopping, dining, people watching, and hanging out.

Is Downhill longboarding dangerous?

Longboarding is not an inherently dangerous sport. However, it is basically as safe as you make it! Some longboarding disciplines involve higher speeds, and hence more risk, than others.

Is longboarding on the street legal?

This means that you cannot lawfully ride your longboard in the street, nor can you ride it in the bike lane. The only time you are legally allowed to ride in the street is when crossing safely at an intersection.

Where is longboarding most popular?

Cape Town tops the list for longboarders. It is an international surf hotspot. Surf fans from around the world and the locals enthusiastically go longboarding even when the waves are breaking.

Where can you skate in Malibu?

The Best 10 Skate Parks in Malibu, CA

  • Pacific Skate School. 9.6 mi. 2 reviews.
  • Westlake Skate Park. 9.1 mi. 1 review.
  • Westlake Village Community Park. 9.0 mi. 2 reviews.
  • Moorpark Skate Park. 18.9 mi. Skate Parks.
  • Venice Skate Park. 16.3 mi. 43 reviews.
  • De Anza Park. 7.0 mi. 11 reviews.
  • Palisades Bluffs Park. 12.7 mi. 22 reviews.
  • Skateboarding Hall of Fame. 17.4 mi. 16 reviews.
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How safe is longboarding?

Longboards are appearing all around campus, and so are trips to the emergency room. According to an article at, “Longboarders are at much greater risk of head fracture, traumatic brain injury and bleeding inside the skull (intracranial hemorrhage) than skateboarders.”

How dangerous is longboarding?

Among longboarders, 8 percent had a head fracture, 31 percent had a traumatic brain injury and 14 percent had an intracranial hemorrhage. Among skateboarders, 0.5 percent had a head fracture, 12 percent had a traumatic brain injury, and none had an intracranial hemorrhage.

Is longboarding bad for your knees?

Possible negative impact

Freestyle longboarding may potentially be hard on your joints, e.g. when landing after a jump (knees and spine) or spinning on your board (hips and lower spine).

How do you not fall off a longboard?

To mitigate the risk of such a fall you can: wear a helmet, kneepads, or gloves. This will protect the majority of your body in a fall. You can also practice at slower speeds, and truly learn the fundamentals before you take it to higher speeds or higher consequence areas.

Should you wear a helmet when longboarding?

Most longboarders will agree that a helmet is required for disciplines such as downhill racing and skatepark riding which involve substantial risks of injury.

Can longboards go over rocks?

Longboards are a longer and more stable skateboard than your traditional trick oriented skateboard. They have softer wheels, which allow a rider to roll right over rocks and twigs. This is due to the larger size of the board and wheels, which adds a great deal of stability compared to the traditional skateboard.

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Is longboarding faster than walking?

Longboarding is an awesome way to move around, much faster than walking. Longboards are typically faster than skateboards due to their larger wheelbase (distance between trucks) and bigger wheels.

Is longboarding still popular?

It’s hard to get people into longboarding it seems. It has a bad stigma among the normies. Drop decks have become less popular due to an increase in rider skill changing what skaters need in a board. The collective skill of riders now is much higher than 8 years ago when drop decks were popular.

How much should I pay for a longboard?

In general, good-quality longboards cost anywhere between $150 to $450 for a complete. But if you are a beginner to the longboarding sport, it is probably best that you purchase a complete longboard that is between the range of $60 to $250.

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