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FAQ: Shylock’s Daughter In The Merchant Of Venice?

Who is the daughter of Shylock?

Jessica: The daughter of Shylock.

What is Shylock’s relationship with his daughter?

Shylock shows his daughter little affection or kindness—she is his flesh and blood and therefore an extension of himself, not a person in her own right. Days after she has run away, he exclaims in disbelief, “My own flesh and blood to rebel!” (3.1. 32). In her first scene, Jessica laments, “Our house is hell” (2.3.

Why did Shylock’s daughter leave him?

In The Merchant of Venice, Jessica runs away from her father Shylock in order to pursue a relationship with Lorenzo. Shylock and Jessica are Jewish and Lorenzo is Christian, so Shylock does not approve of their relationship. These religious descriptions also reinforce dark stereotypes.

Does Shylock love his daughter?

Shylock, at the beginning of the play, very much loves his daughter Jessica. However, Jessica is unhappy with her father’s behavior, as well as with the restrictions that will fall upon her in terms of the men she will be allowed to marry while remaining within her father’s good graces.

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Does Lorenzo really love Jessica?

In the Merchant of Venice, Lorenzo is fully in love with Jessica and not for just her money. He recites,”Beshrow me but I lover heartily; For she is wise, if I can judge her; And fair she is, if that mine eyes be true; And true she is, as she hath proved herself.

Is Shylock a villain or a victim?

Shylock, with Antonio is the major character in the play, at times referred to as a villain and sometimes a victim. The audience would not enjoy Shylock attaining power especially over Bassanio, who is a Christian. The word “bond” is a key word used consistently through the play especially by Shylock.

How is Jessica different from Portia?

One main difference between both woman is that Jessica is Jewish, and Portia is Christian. Because Jessica is Jewish, she is required to live in the “ghetto”. Jessica lives in Belmont while Portia lives in Venice. Portia comes from a much better financial background than what Jessica does.

Why did Jessica not want her father to see her Launcelot?

Jessica is ashamed to call Shylock, her father as she is fed up on the contrary, of his harsh ways. She is going to elope with a Christian even if she knows that it will be a terrible blow to her father. Launcelot has decided to leave Shylock’s house and has come now to bid farewell.

What did Jessica take from Shylock?

i. 92). But even here he rouses our sympathy, because we hear that Jessica stole a ring given to him by his late wife and traded it for a monkey. “It was my turquoise,” Shylock says.

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What is the most important scene in The Merchant of Venice?

1. Antonio offers to act as Bassanio’s guarantor (Act 1, Scene 1) Antonio, a prosperous Venetian merchant, is unable to explain his sadness to his friends, who suggest he must have business or love worries. When Bassanio arrives with Lorenzo and Gratiano, he asks his close friend Antonio to lend him some more money.

Who is the first suitor that actually chooses a casket?

A rich, beautiful, intelligent heiress of Belmont, she is bound by the lottery set forth in her father’s will, which gives potential suitors the chance to choose among three caskets. If he chooses the right casket, he wins Portia’s hand in marriage.

Portia (The Merchant of Venice)

Created by William Shakespeare

Is Shylock more upset about losing Jessica or his money?

Here, Shylock rants about the money and jewels that his daughter Jessica took from him when she ran away. He is clearly more upset about the loss of possessions than about the loss of his daughter. Any concern about his daughter arises only as she represents a return of his possessions.

What does Shylock wish from his daughter?

After Jessica steals his jewels and elopes with Lorenzo, a Christian, Shylock famously wishes her death in Act III of The Merchant of Venice: “I would my daughter were dead at my foot, and the jewels in her ear! Would she were hears’d at my foot, and the ducats in her coffin!” (3.1.

Does Shylock die?

Shylock does not die in Merchant. However, he does see his punishment as worse than death.

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